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What is the best way to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

We see this question a lot, and although only experience will make you a better rider, there is something that will help you tremendously. Most of us are offered the opportunity to learn things from friends or family members that are also riders, but you cannot honestly know if the information you are receiving is correct. it is also difficult to gauge how much of the information your “teacher” in this case remembers. What if they forget to tell you something that could save your life?

Learning how to ride a motorcycle properly is so much more than just learning the controls. There are finer points to all of it that are best taught by a specialist. Our industry is very unique in that we have an organization dedicated nothing but rider safety. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is entirely dedicated to teaching the proper way to ride, and react to situations on the road. There are basic and advanced courses that you can take to learn to ride, hone your skills and keep yourself safe. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation also has a twitter where you can follow their news and read about other riders experiences @MSF__USA

You may think there is no reason to do such a thing, but I personally took the basic motorcycle safety course, reluctantly, to avoid taking a road test for my license. In most states, completing the basic course ¬†awards you a waiver so you do not have to take the standard DMV road test. This is a way to get out of taking your road test, take the road test in a low pressure environment, and do it on someone else’s bike; the bikes provided by the MSF specifically for the beginners coarse.

Beginner is a loaded word. it is NOT just for beginners. The basic course is for everyone. Being an experienced rider who decided to take the course I can attest to this myself. This course will show you ways to save your life, it has saved mine on more than one occasion. In fact I can think of four times it saved my life the first year. One of my instructors takes the advanced course every year himself just to “Work the winter bugs out.” as he explains.

The basic (beginner) course is designed to teach muscle memory, and if you have never been on a bike in your life you can go to this and learn everything necessary to start riding.

Any experienced rider that has taken the course, will tell you it is the BEST thing you can do for yourself as a rider. If you are an experienced rider, you will more than likely learn a few new tricks to stay alive during the training, I did. There is no way to properly stress how much this course helps you develop muscle memory, habits, and instinct that WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE, not to mention, how to properly ride.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation website is an invaluable resource for tips, events, and motorcycle laws.

The following video is provided by the MSF and gives you highlights from the course.

I stumbled upon the youtube video where one rider walks you through some of what he learned while taking the basic course. while it is not complete, it will give you a basic understanding of what happens during the training.

Stay safe and keep riding every day you can. If you have any questions about my personal experiences taking the course, feel free to send me an e-mail. ~James

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Fall is Just around the corner, time to stay warm while you ride!

With the colder weather coming, most of us are digging out our boots and full fingered gloves, but often we neglect our legs. The staff at Icon work and live in Portland Oregon, so they are no strangers to cold weather. Necessity being the mother of all invention; they created these jeans for those of us that also ride in colder climates. Available in traditional Denim as shown, or in “stealth” Black Canvas these jeans have a removable insulated lining, reinforced knee and hip panels, and come in a loose fit design. If you want to ride in the cold, but don’t want to wear your ski pants, this is the only solution necessary.

Available in sizes from 28-44, denim or black canvas $125.00

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Why Redline in your Transmission?

Bikes are very picky animals, and they tell us when they are not happy. As much as the right oil is very important so is the right tranny fluid. Harleys by nature have a heavy clunk or thud when shifting into gears, especially from neutral to first gear. A recent customer not only had a much harder than normal shift noise, but also had an occasional grind between gears and his bike was very difficult to shift to neutral. our distraught customer thought he was in for a new transmission, or a new clutch. After a quick inspection everything seemed to be ok, so we decided to drain the tranny and replace the “recommended” oil with Redline… Within minutes on the test ride the grinding/clacking between gears was gone, and the bike shifted into neutral much easier. Our customer did about 40 miles worth of riding that night and called the next morning to report that his “Thuds” had turned into quiet clicks and the tranny is accurate, gliding into gear without issue. Redline not only makes transmission operation easier, but it truly extends the life of your drivetrain as well.

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Daytona Helmets Have Arrived!

Today the UPS driver brought with him the much anticipated Daytona helmets. Come on it and check them out, try one on and look at the catalog to order yours today!

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Now Stocking Daytona Helmets!


We took a look at Daytona’s helmet line, and decided we have to have them. A most amazing DOT approved helmet with sleek retro styling, the perfect way to protect your melon, stay legal, and still feel the wind on your face! Finishes including Matte, Gloss, Metallic, Painted, Metal Flake and Real Carbon fiber. Both 3/4 open face and half shell designs available. The thinnest DOT approved helmets available. Stop in and try one on anytime.

We will be offering Daytona helmets at an introductory sale price of 20% off from now until July 22nd, the Day of our Garage Sale Open House Event.


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Go Green with a Lifetime Oil Filter for your Harley

Your motorcycle is an investment, why not invest in the best oil filter you can buy, increase your bikes performance, and be environmentally friendly at the same time?

  • Increased cooling
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Greater oil flow
  • Improved debris removal over paper filters
  • American made 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Re-useable for life!
  • Transfer to every motorcycle you own
  • No disposal fees

This is the best oil filter we have ever used, and we use it in all of our own bikes. The easiest way to extend the life of your scoot, increase horsepower and torque, while being environmentally friendly at the same time. Aluminum is a better conductor of heat, and the finned design channels air in the same manner of a V-twin motor. Stop throwing away old oil filters that add to landfills, and contaminate the environment.


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