Daytona Helmets Have Arrived!

Today the UPS driver brought with him the much anticipated Daytona helmets. Come on it and check them out, try one on and look at the catalog to order yours today!

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Rehab project: Dave’s 2011 sportster 48 cafe racer part III Almost there!

Today we put a few finishing touches on the little Harley 48 custom. First order of business was a fresh fuel map for the Power Commander V, followed by a first start on the new pipes that shook the whole shop. After that was set, it was on to the finishing touches. We wrapped LED strips around the front fork between the triple trees for discreet front blinkers.

Shortly after that, it was on to the rear blinkers, mounted on top of the rear shocks.

Tuck all the wires neatly, put the cover back over the battery and install the seat on the bike with our custom seat bracket.


Finally, on went the rear marker light and license plate mount. It may not be completely visible, but it is securely affixed to the bike in the event that David has an encounter with Johnny law.


And there you have it, two or three more tweaks, a solid test ride to make sure it is all working in harmony, and David takes her home. Bet you can’t wait for the next round of pictures from the studio!




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Metzeler & Dunlop Tire Clearance

Upon looking through the tire inventory the other day, I realized there are a few tires that have been here for a while. I would like to clear them out, so we are discounting the heavily, way below our dealer cost. All tires listed are new unless otherwise listed.

Metzeler ME880:

130 70 B 18 Regularly $239.95 Sale price $165.14

160 80 B 16 RR Regularly $292.95 Sale price $200.50

140 70 21 Regularly $262.95 Sale price $175.00 (*100 Miles on tire)

Dunlop GT502 Screamin Eagle

180 60 B 17 Regularly $265.95 Sale price $179.95


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Rehab Project: 94 Sportster IV

There was a huge influx of complicated diagnostic repair work over the last two weeks, only slightly slowing progress on the little sporty. The last few days have yielded some aggressive advances. Yesterday we closed the doors to the shop so we could get caught up and I decided it was time to build the motor in the little monster. I must say, the end product looks stellar, possibly even better than anticipated. We ordered the new jugs in black with polished fins, to further enhance the murdered out appearance, with every intention of painting them and the heads wrinkle black. Painting both would have made the motor one solid color from the rocker boxes to the crank case. While all of the components were side by side on the bench, a pattern emerged. We agreed that the only things to be painted wrinkle black would be the heads and the rocker box covers. The end result is absolutely stunning.


Shortly after the motor was completed, we bolted on the long awaited Thunder Header.


After a few heat cycles on the bridge, we let her cool down and started on some final touches. A progressive fork lowering kit was installed dropping the nose 1″ closer to the ground and teaming up with the rear lowered Drag Specialties shocks. Who wants their license plate on the fender anyway? An inexpensive side mount license plate adapter was installed, with a tiny three bulb LED light to keep things legal. An OEM quick disconnect was installed behind the plate for quick removal. The fender holes were plugged with bolts from the rear, and pike nuts were attached to compliment those on the fender struts. The cluster of spikes on the fender has been affectionately dubbed “the crotch killer.”


Now the bike is 95% complete, we are only waiting on one more back ordered part to complete it all, at which point she will go into the studio so we can share some real images in the gallery!

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Baby Brawlers; Sportsters Set for Battle

The sportster may be the baby of the Harley world, but they can be a street superstar when built correctly. As I look at the two sporty’s in the shop right now I see two completely different styles, with one common purpose; running hard.

The 2011 48 model cafe racer project looks like it should be cast in the next death race movie, it’s burly and ready for battle. Sleek styling with a very aggressive rider position makes this one sick urban attack vehicle.

The 94 sportster on the other hand, is a more traditional chopper style bike, with some contemporary flair. Blacked out as much a humanly possible on the allotted budget, slammed and still standing tall with 12″ mini apes. This bike has one purpose, running hard.

Both of these bikes have one thing in common, and it is something I always keep in mind when I’m building a bike; exceptional ride ability. It doesn’t matter what a bike looks like if it’s not a blast to ride because tearing up streets is what we love, it’s what we live for. And that is what I keep in mind every time I pick up a wrench. In the end, it’s all about the ride.

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Now Stocking Daytona Helmets!


We took a look at Daytona’s helmet line, and decided we have to have them. A most amazing DOT approved helmet with sleek retro styling, the perfect way to protect your melon, stay legal, and still feel the wind on your face! Finishes including Matte, Gloss, Metallic, Painted, Metal Flake and Real Carbon fiber. Both 3/4 open face and half shell designs available. The thinnest DOT approved helmets available. Stop in and try one on anytime.

We will be offering Daytona helmets at an introductory sale price of 20% off from now until July 22nd, the Day of our Garage Sale Open House Event.


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Metzler Octoberfest “Ride of your life” Promotion

Metzler USA has set up a very special promotion where you can enter to win a trip to Octoberfest when you purchase two Metzler brand tires before July 31. Full details on the promotion can be found here. Ride roads in Germany and experience views of the Alps, and a day at Octoberfest; Perfection.

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Go Green with a Lifetime Oil Filter for your Harley

Your motorcycle is an investment, why not invest in the best oil filter you can buy, increase your bikes performance, and be environmentally friendly at the same time?

  • Increased cooling
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Greater oil flow
  • Improved debris removal over paper filters
  • American made 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Re-useable for life!
  • Transfer to every motorcycle you own
  • No disposal fees

This is the best oil filter we have ever used, and we use it in all of our own bikes. The easiest way to extend the life of your scoot, increase horsepower and torque, while being environmentally friendly at the same time. Aluminum is a better conductor of heat, and the finned design channels air in the same manner of a V-twin motor. Stop throwing away old oil filters that add to landfills, and contaminate the environment.


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Garage Sale and Open House Event


The shop has been so busy, we are getting to our spring cleaning a little late. Clearing out hundreds of old Harley parts from the shop, this is your chance to pick things up CHEAP! There will be no normal service during the open house, however we will be busy with oil change and tire specials for the day. Giveaways will be raffled off from Drag Specialties and Custom Chrome, burgers, dogs, and music all day long. Come by and hang out even if you don’t need anything, we love to spend time with our customers.

Metzler tire sale, and Enter the Metzler Ride Of Your Life Promotion.

For full details check the Garage Sale Page


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Special: Sportster 2 into 1 exhaust, $399 installed!

Add torque to your 86-03 Sportster with a 2 into 1 exhaust system. Regular price for this pipe is $569.00 plus installation. This is a close out item is only $399.00 installed. Fits any 86-03 sportster 883 or 1200.


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