All jobs exceeding an estimated $500 will require that your parts be paid for in advance.

Restocking Fees:

All parts that are ordered, and then have to be returned will be subject to a 25% of retail restocking fee.


Any bike left for more than 15 days after the work is completed will be charged daily storage fees.


Please, just bring us your bike first. There are no problems we cannot find the root of. If another shop has worked on your bike and could nit find the root of the problem, you must agree to be responsible for every second of labor spent determining what the issue is. The simple truth is, if they couldn’t fix it, chances are they did more damage trying to fix it simply by changing the wrong part, or connecting the wrong wires.

Internet and Phone orders:

All internet and phone orders will be shipped the next time our UPS driver enters the building. He is usually on site at approximately 10:30 AM EST. you have until 6PM EST to enter an order to ship the next business day.

Progressive Building:

If you want a custom bike built, but do not have the capability of paying for it all at once, we can build as you pay. Leave the bike with an initial payment, when we run out of money we will stop working on it until you drop off more. Sometimes projects take a long time, and we are happy to accommodate your needs.